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MOSCA Software Startup/Shutdown Procedure

Valid from: April 1. 2019


  1. Go to the computer called lisa.

  2. Click on the line
    '       Willing to manage'

  3. Click on Accept.

  4. Log in with username obs. Password will be supplied by the staff.

  5. In a terminal window type startobssys mosca.

    In case of problems with fasu-control look here

  6. Type the TCS access code.
  7. Wait until the Talker displays the text "MOSCA Sequencer READY TO USE" or the UT is incrementing on the top right of the "CCD status" window.
  8. The lisa-screen should look like this .

  9. Images are stored in the directory /data/mosca.

  10. To start a new talker window:

    In a terminal window type seqterm.

  11. To start the MOSCA electronic observation log:

    In a terminal window type cd /data/mosca/ and then obslog-mosca MOnnmm\*, where "nnmm" is the image prefix of the night.


  1. In a terminal window, type shutdownobssys mosca.

    Confirm with 'y'.

    Wait until all windows has disappeared.

  2. To exit the MOSCA Obs Log, click on the close icon in the frame of the MOSCA Obs Log window.

The computer florence is used for image analysis using IRAF/MSCRED. On florence, images made by MOSCA is found in the directory /data/mosca. Be advised that this directory is

Updated by Jacob Clasen.

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