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StanCam CryoTiger Dewar at CUO

Experiments are made with the use of closed cycle coolers, in stead of LN2 cooling. Here a complete camera is shown, cooled by a CryoTiger unit.

The opened test camera, showing a copper baseplate mounted on the cold head. On the base plate, a charcoal getter is placed facing inward, and a braid connects to the CCD base. A temperature sensor can be fastened to the centre of the base plate.

The base plate is disconnected from the cold head, with the charcoal container facing upwards.

Foil-insulated cold head for the new Stand-by Camera (StanCam) at NOT. Much surplus room inside, as it has to fit to a camera previously designed for LN2 cooling.

The StanCam ready for assembling. Backside of camera head to the left, and cold head with plate supporting the charcoal getter on the right.

StanCam on the test bench, with controller on the left and vacuum pump on the right.

The Cryotiger compressor, with hoses connecting to StanCam in the background.

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