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This list contains refereed journal publications. For other (refereed) publications see the bottom of this page.

  1. Adamo A., Östlin G., Zackrisson E., Papaderos P., Bergvall N., Rich R.M., Micheva G.
    Star cluster formation and evolution in Mrk 930: properties of a metal-poor starburst
    2011, MNRAS 415, 2388

  2. J. A. L. Aguerri, M. Girardi, W. Boschin, R. Barrena, et al.
    Fossil groups origins - I. RX J105453.3+552102 a very massive and relaxed system at z ~ 0.5
    2011, A&A 527, A143

  3. Loïc Albert, Étienne Artigau, Philippe Delorme, Céline Reylé, Thierry Forveille, Xavier Delfosse and Chris J. Willott
    37 New T-type Brown Dwarfs in the Canada-France Brown Dwarfs Survey
    2011, AJ 141, 203

  4. R. Amanullah, A. Goobar, B. Clément, J.-G. Cuby, H. Dahle, et al.
    A Highly Magnified Supernova at z = 1.703 behind the Massive Galaxy Cluster A1689
    2011, ApJ 742, L7

  5. V. Antoci, G. Handler, T. L. Campante, A. O. Thygesen, et al.
    The excitation of solar-like oscillations in a δ Sct star by efficient envelope convection
    2011, Nature 477, 570

  6. G. Bakos, J. Hartman, G. Torres, D. Latham, et al.
    HAT-P-20b - HAT-P-23b: Four Massive Transiting Extrasolar Planets
    2011, ApJ 742, 116

  7. Baran A.; Gilker J.; Reed M.; Østensen R. et al.
    J08069+1527: a newly discovered high-amplitude, hybrid subdwarf B pulsator
    2011, MNRAS 413, 2838

  8. Thomas Barclay, Gavin Ramsay, Pasi Hakala, Ralf Napiwotzki, et al.
    Stellar variability on time-scales of minutes: results from the first 5 yr of the Rapid Temporal Survey
    2011, MNRAS 413, 2696

  9. Barros S., Faedi F., Collier Cameron A. et al.
    WASP-38b: a transiting exoplanet in an eccentric, 6.87d period orbit
    2011, A&A 525, A54

  10. M. Bayliss, J. Hennawi, M. Gladders, B. Koester, K. Sharon, H. Dahle, M. Oguri
    GEMINI/GMOS spectroscopy of 26 strong lensing selected galaxy cluster cores
    2011, ApJS 193, 8

  11. S. V. Berdyugina, A. V. Berdyugin, D. M. Fluri and V. Piirola
    Polarized Reflected Light from the Exoplanet HD189733b: First Multicolor Observations and Confirmation of Detection
    2011, ApJ 728, L6

  12. Bettoni D., Galletta G., Rampazzo R., Marino A., Mazzei P., Buson L. M.
    NGC 3934: a shell galaxy in a compact galaxy environment
    2011, A&A 534, A24

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    2011, MNRAS 410, 1787

  14. K. Brogaard, H. Bruntt, F. Grundahl, J. V. Clausen, S. Frandsen, D. A. VandenBerg, L. R. Bedin
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    2011, A&A 525, A2

  15. Theo A. ten Brummelaar, David P. O'Brien, Brian D. Mason, Christopher D. Farrington, et al.
    An Interferometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of the Multiple Star System HD 193322
    2011, AJ 142, 21

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    Atmospheric parameters of red giants in the Kepler field
    2011, A&A 528, A121

  17. Lars A. Buchhave, David W. Latham, Joshua A. Carter, Jean-Michel Désert, et al.
    Kepler-14b: A Massive Hot Jupiter Transiting an F Star in a Close Visual Binary
    2011, ApJS 197, 3

  18. Buchhave, L.A., Bakos, G.Á., Hartman, J.D., Torres, G., , Andersen, J., Kovács, G., Noyes, R.W., Shporer, A., Esquerdo, G.A., Fischer, D.A., Johnson, J.A., Marcy, G.W., Howard, A.W., Béky, B., Sasselov, D.D., Füresz, G., Quinn, S.N., Stefanik, R.P., Szklenár, T., Berlind, P., Calkins, M.L., Lázár, K., Papp, I., Sári, P
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    2011, ApJ 733, 116

  19. Christopher J. Campo, Joseph Harrington, Ryan A. Hardy, Kevin B. Stevenson, et al.
    On the Orbit of Exoplanet WASP-12b
    2011, ApJ 727, 125

  20. E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, R. Gratton, V. D'Orazi, and S. Lucatello
    A Strömgren view of the multiple populations in globular clusters
    2011, A&A 535, A121

  21. Castillo-Morales A., Gallego J., Pérez-Gallego J. et al.
    Integral field spectroscopy of local LCBGs: NGC 7673, a case study. Physical properties of star-forming regions
    2011, MNRAS 411, 1819

  22. T. Chan, M. Ingemyr, J. Winn, M. Holman,R. Sanchis-Ojeda, G. Esquerdo, M. Everett
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    2011, AJ 141, 179

  23. Christensen L., Fynbo J., Prochaska J., Thöne C., de Ugarte Postigo A., Jakobsson P.
    A High Signal-to-noise Ratio Composite Spectrum of Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows
    2011, ApJ 727, 73

  24. Corradi R., Balick B., Santander-García M.
    The evolution of M 2-9 from 2000 to 2010
    2011, A&A 529, A43

  25. Corradi R.L.M., Sabin, L., Miszalski, B., Rodríguez-Gil, P., et al.
    The Necklace: equatorial and polar outflows from the binary central star of the new planetary nebula IPHASXJ194359.5+170901
    2011, MNRAS 410, 1349

  26. J. M. Corral-Santana, J. Casares, T. Shahbaz, C. Zurita, et al.
    Evidence for a black hole in the X-ray transient XTE J1859+226
    2011, MNRAS 413, L15

  27. Derekas A.; Kiss L.; Borkovits T.; Huber D. et al.
    HD 181068: A Red Giant in a Triply Eclipsing Compact Hierarchical Triple System
    2011, Science 332, 216

  28. Nancy Elias-Rosa, Schuyler D. Van Dyk, Weidong Li, Jeffrey M. Silverman, et al.
    The Massive Progenitor of the Possible Type II-Linear Supernova 2009hd in Messier 66
    2011, ApJ 742, 6

  29. Michael Endl, Phillip J. MacQueen, William D. Cochran, Erik J. Brugamyer, et al.
    Kepler-15b: A Hot Jupiter Enriched in Heavy Elements and the First Kepler Mission Planet Confirmed with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
    2011, ApJS 197, 13

  30. B. Enoch, D. R. Anderson, S. C. C. Barros, D. J. A. Brown, et al.
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    2011, AJ 142, 86

  31. Eva Eulaers and P. Magain
    Time delays for eleven gravitationally lensed quasars revisited
    2011, A&A 536, A44

  32. Femenía, B., Rebolo, R., Pérez-Prieto, J. A., Hildebrandt S. R., et al.
    Lucky Imaging Adaptive Optics of the brown dwarf binary GJ569Bab
    2011, MNRAS 413, 1524

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    2011, MNRAS 417, 1417

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    2011, ApJ 737, 74

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    2011, MNRAS 416, 644

  36. Terese Hansen, Johannes Andersen, Birgitta Nordström, Lars A. Buchhave, Timothy C. Beers
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    2011, ApJ 743, L1

  37. Hartman J., Bakos G., Sato B., Torres G., et al.
    HAT-P-18b and HAT-P-19b: Two Low-density Saturn-mass Planets Transiting Metal-rich K Stars
    2011, ApJ 726, 52

  38. Hébrard G., Evans T. M., Alonso R., Fridlund M. et al.
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    2011, A&A 533, A130

  39. Heidt J., Nilsson K.
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    2011, A&A 529, A162

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    Discovery of a ZZ Ceti in the Kepler Mission Field
    2011, ApJ 741, L16

  41. Hubrig S., Ilyin I., Schöller M., Briquet M., Morel T., De Cat P.
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    2011, ApJ 726, L5

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    2011, A&A 531, L20

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    2011, A&A 536, A45

  44. Nawal Husnoo, Frédéric Pont, Guillaume Hébrard, Elaine Simpson, et al.
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    2011, MNRAS 413, 2500

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    2011, AJ 142, 95

  49. Kotilainen, J.K., T. Hyvönen, R. Falomo, A. Treves and M. Uslenghi
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    2011, A&A 534, L2

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    A Peculiar Young Eruptive Star in the Dark Cloud Lynds 1340
    2011, ApJ 733, L8

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    2011, MNRAS 414, 2550

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    2011, A&A 526, A144

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    2011, MNRAS 418, 1452

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    2011, MNRAS 411, 1395

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    2011, Science 333, 199

  56. Licandro,J. H. Campins, G.P. Tozzi, J. de León, N. Pinilla-Alonso, H. Boehnhardt and O. R. Hainaut
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    2011, A&A 532, A65

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