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  1. ADS ADSLabs Full Text Search: search for "Nordic Optical" in FULL TEXT
    Using the Options key; set year, "Articles only", 200-per page. Then search. Then 'Export to Classic ADS'.
    Goto the bottom of the page.
    Then 'Select-all-records.
    Retrieve the above records in other formats or sort order:
    choose 'Custom format' and ' Sort-by-first-author'.
    Use format:
    %Zencoding:Unicode %\><li>%g<br><i>\n%T</i><br>\n<a href=%u> %\Y,%\q %\V,%\p</a></li><p>\n\n
    %Zencoding:Unicode %\>\n\n\n<li>%g\n\n<br><i>%T</i><br>\n\n<a href=%u>\n%\Y,%\q %\V,%\p</a></li><p>\n\n
    Only URLs:
    %Zencoding:Unicode %\>%u
  2. ADS: search for "Nordic" AND "Optical" in abstracts/titles
  3. A&A: search for "Nordic Optical" on,com_intuition/Itemid,82/lang,en/
  4. MNRAS: search for "Nordic Optical" on
    for MNRAS and also MNRAS: Letters
  5. ApJ, ApJL, ApJS: do string search for "Nordic Optical" on
  6. PASP: do string search for "Nordic Optical" on
  7. Astronomische Nachrichten: click "Online Issues" and search for "Nordic Optical" on
  8. Planetary and Space Science
  9. Icarus
  10. Nature: search for "Nordic Optical" on
  11. Science: search for "Nordic" on
    and search by date.
  12. The IAC publication lists

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