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Current Staff


key: I = international staff, L = local staff.
Note: Ana Garcia Perez is based in Sweden.

Staff Movements

  • Tim Abbott took over as AiC, effective 1 Oct. 2000, having acted as AiC from July 2000.
  • Claudio Moreno resigned his contract and departed NOT & La Palma end of December 2000.
  • NOT Council has approved the hiring of a Support Astronomer in addition to the previous levels. A successful job search has ended in the acceptance of offers by John Telting (ING, to arrive 1 June 2001) and Tapio Pursimo (Tuorla, to arrive 1 Sept 2001).
  • A search for a new system manager & software specialist has closed and candidate selection is under way.
  • Rami Rekola will return to the NOT from 1 October to 31st Dec 2001 for an additional period as a student support astronomer.
  • Swedish undergraduate students Bjarne Andersson and Anders Magnusson will visit NOT for a 2 month period (from mid March) to work on the fast serial link for CCD controllers and the mirror vibration damping system.
  • Roy Østensen joined NOT at the beginning of February for a 1 year term as software specialist.
  • Thomas Dall's term as NOT student ends at the end of March.

Tim Abbott, AiC
Wed Mar 21 12:56:05 GMT 2001

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