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Two new, 60L dewars have been purchased for the transport of LN tex2html_wrap_inline398 given the anticipated increased demand from NOTCam and MOSCA. These will also be useful in supplying SOFIN.

NOT has also participated in the joint purchase of a new LN tex2html_wrap_inline398 production plant together with TNG and ING. This project became necessary after ING identified that they were overrunning their existing system and would be forced to cut back in production, effectively cutting off NOT and TNG. ING will continue to service the new plant as with the old. The expense to NOT is expected to be recouped within 3.5 years, given current commercial vendor prices.

NOT has indicated its intent to rent premises from IAC in its new Sea Level Base to be constructed near San Antonio. We are not properly satisfied by the details provided so far, but expect the conditions to be considerably elaborated within the contract which is currently under draft.

Astra 1 has been replaced with a new Opel Astra.

Tim Abbott, AiC
Wed Mar 21 12:56:05 GMT 2001

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