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Data acquisition system

We are currently working on an upgrade of the data acquisition system. A new RAID hard disk system was purchased and is being tested. This system is used for data saving during observations, and will expand our capacity from 300Gb to nearly 1Tb.

We also have purchased new instrument control computers. This will both increase the speed of the system, but will also allow the installation of a more up-to-date operating system. The hardware has been tested, and the FIES computer will be the first to be commissioned.

Related to the upgrade of the RAID hard disk and the instrument computers is an upgrade to a gigabit network switch. A test setup has be made at the sea-level office.

The overall goal is to increase the speed and capacity of the data acquisition system, while this is also required as part of the planned data quality control and pipeline reduction programs.

Thomas Augusteijn 2004-05-18