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The first genuine NOTcam spectroscopy run in July 2004 was successful.

Tests made with wavelength calibration lamps that were purchased show that they can be used with NOTCam when installed in a conical reflector in the Cassegrain baffle attached to the mirror cover petals. A disadvantage is that in this way the light from the lamp does not fill the f/11 telescope beam, and hence inside the spectrograph the lamp light only traverses through the central (i.e. close to on-axis) part of the optics. The idea is to have a quick-fix solution with the power of the lamp controlled from the control room. A design for a lamp holder to be installed in the lid of the Cassegrain baffle that can contain 3 lamps is currently being discussed. The control box has been built for this and is awaiting the installation of a suitable cable between the control room and the telescope.

Thomas Augusteijn 2005-10-27