All filters are now measured cold inside NOTCam using the NOTCam grism. The filter table has been updated with the new bandpass wavelengths (slightly different from the values at room temperature provided by the manufacturer). For more info see:

The Paschen Gamma filter (1.094 m$\mu$) finally arrived as the last of the filters ordered through the "Gemini Infrared filter consortium" in 1999. It will be mounted the next time we open NOTCam and its transmission curve will be measured.

We suggest to upgrade NOTCam with the two broad band filters Z and Y which are part of the standard set (ZYJHK) for the UKIDSS survey. In view of the high sensitivity in the "blue" part of the NOTCAM QE curve (compared to for instance NICS/TNG which has an array with a steep decline in the "blue" part) it would make sense to exploit also this region both for imaging and spectroscopy.

Thomas Augusteijn 2006-05-08