End-Of-Night & End-Of-Run reports

New systems were set-up for the End-Of-Night & End-Of-Run reports which are now integrated in our data-base system. Just providing the starting date and proposal number a report is provided with a listing of the data, a summary of the weather during the night and a listing (including down time) of any fault report that was entered during the night. The down time due to weather has to be provided manually. A special window is provided for any observations that are done for ToO or monitoring programs, and there is also a window for any comments. All the information is entered in our data-base system, and options are provided to print and/or email the detailed listing.

Apart from convenience, the main advantage of the system is that it provides a well define set of data which, e.g., will allow to provide our own weather down-time statistics and a detailed overview of the observations done for ToO or monitoring programs.

Thomas Augusteijn 2006-05-08