`Fast-Track' Service Program

A total of 8 and a half nights for the `Fast-Track' service program were spread-out over period 34.

During the semester a total of 8 proposals were accepted for execution and one rejected. Of the 8 accepted proposals, 6 requested observations with ALFOSC, one request observations with both ALFOSC and NOTCam, and one requested observations with NOTCam. Up to now, there have been a total of 17 grade 1 proposals of which 13 have been completed and 4 have been have completed; there are 8 grade 2 proposal of which 6 have been completed, and; there are 4 grade 3 proposals of which 3 have been completed.

During the semester FIES was included in the Fast-track service program. This required some extensions to the OB and observing scripts systems and updates of the web-pages.

Thomas Augusteijn 2008-01-11