It was noted that the stepper motor controller for the TV filter wheel is 22 years old and it would be good to replace it. The control program is also stored in a RAM with 10-year guaranteed battery backup, but this can be replaced and reprogrammed. We are currently looking for a proper system to replace the whole system.

We have been looking at the focussing of the guide camera. Apart from variations as a function of the (off-axis) position of the guide probe and of the TV-filter used, the focus of TV-camera is directly related to the telescope focus. The idea is to automatically set the TV focus every time a telescope pointing is made. This would make things faster/easier, especially for the non-experienced observers (basically to avoid them making any big mistakes), while people can then still change the TV focus value to whatever value they want after arriving at the target.

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-01-15