Data acquisition

MOSCA is the last remaining instrument that needs to be converted and integrated in the sequencer system. When changing to the sequencer we will also implement a new post-processing quick-look procedure that will merge the images from the different CCDs while mimicking the true physical gaps between the CCDs as much as possible. A corresponding ``telescope offset'' tool will be made that allows to mark any object on the combined mosaic image and move it to a desired position.

Due to the problem of lack of an over-scan of the MOSCA imaged and the desire to increase the length of the NOTCam frame command, it was proposed that more memory be installed on the PC interface board. the memory was purchased and added to the board but due to a problem with the programming of the PLD (main control chip) of the interface board, it was unable to ``see'' the extra memory correctly. After some investigation it was found that internal memory addressing on the board was wrongly implemented and the extra memory actually appeared higher up in the address space at intervals of 32MB, making it unusable. Preben Nørregaard (CUO) was asked if it was possible to resolve this problem but nothing has been done yet.

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-01-15