Computer cabinet

The original plan was to expand the current computer cabinet in the service building which contains the main rack of our computer and network system to make them more easily accessible and provide more space for additional devices. However, expanding the room turned-out not to be that simple while not providing that much more room and also reducing the space in the existing clean room next to it. There is also a visitor's office in the service building which contains some cupboards and a desk plus desktop computer for use by the visiting astronomers. We are now planning to use half of that room to become a new computer cabinet, which will still leave room for the desk plus computer, while the cupboards will be moved elsewhere. This will actually make any construction work easier as this can be done without effecting the existing installations, but we still need to make a detailed design. The idea is to get this work done at the same time as the clean room facility at the telescope (see above).

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-01-15