Drive System

The electronics for the new Siemens building drive system were mounted and installed in racks. Extensive tests were done and preparations were made to allow for the installation of the electronics and the motors along the current system for final testing and commissioning.

Early in 2009 an engineer from Siemens visited to assist in the programming of the new electronics and a preliminary commissioning was done with all four motors connected in the Service Building.

Due to some unexpected problems with the software (not been able to identify the exact motors attached because they were connected in a different order to that during the initial programming in the Service Building) and then the subsequent failure of a programming adapter it has been impossible to complete the installation. A replacement adapter was received recently (being delayed by more than a month although delivery was promised within 10 days and the piece was send via a courier service) but that also did not work. It is not clear if the failure is due to the adapter itself or the connector in which the adapter plugs in. We are currently in contact with Siemens about this.

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-05-14