Standby FOSC

We have the plan to develop a ``Standby'' version of ALFOSC in the adapter to form a permanent set-up together with NOTCam at Cassegrain providing UV-optical and IR imaging, polarimetry and low-resolution spectroscopy, together with high-resolution optical spectroscopy provided by FIES at folded Cassegrain. As a first step in the process we are defining the user requirements for such an instrument. The basic questions are what we need as for imaging, spectroscopy and polarimetry capabilities (field-of-view, pixel size, number of mountable filters, gratings or grisms, slit length, polarization unit, calibration unit, etc). Also, for a design study we have made drawings of the space envelope available for the proposed Standby FOSC assuming the current adapter housing and NOTCam mounted at Cassegrain.

We have collected most of the required information, but the different parts need to be integrated in a consistent general overview of the requirements.

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-05-14