Sequencer commands

The number of high level scripts available to observers keeps increasing. For a complete listing, see

There are various commands (e.g., ``expose'') which are the same for different instruments, while in general it should also be clear what part of the observing system a command refers to. To distinguish commands for the different parts of the observing system they have different prefixes. A consistent and simplified naming scheme for the commands have been implemented and the old names have been phased out completely.

A specific issue encountered during the remote observing but having a more general implication is that some of the documentation give abbreviated versions of commands that can only be used in the instrument specific sequencer window or the TCS terminal. The effect is that some commands written in the documentation can not be executed from the (remote) observing system. The documentation is being updated to (also) include the complete sequencer command form such that the specific instruction will be universally valid.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09