Switching instruments

Work has continued on making it easier to switching between instruments. In principle this is aimed at observers would need to do, e.g., ToO observations or monitoring observations with a different instrument than they use for their own observations (e.g., a FIES observers having to do ALFOSC observations) with which they do not have the specific training or experience to observe. One of the main dangers is that some settings which are different for the different instruments are not changed or set to the wrong value which can cause loss of observing time or produce poor results. The main development has been the implementation of a sequencer script which allows a wide range of TCS parameters to be stored which can be recalled later. In this way, all the settings one has defined for an instrument before switching to an other one can be saved. Together with the already existing telescope set-up scripts for each instrument this significantly simplifies a limits the possibilities to make mistakes when interrupting observations on one instrument, switch to an other instrument for some observations, and returning to the original instrument. Of course, this applies to any observer and these scripts are of general use.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09