By arrangement with Asiago Observatory, Padova, Italy, a "Wedged Double Wollaston" (WeDoWo) prism for one-shot polarimetric observations with ALFOSC will be on loan to the NOT for a three-year period, starting April 1, 2010 (i.e. in Period 41).

The capabilities of the prism are described in Padova/Asiago Technical Report no. 18, see:

The WeDoWo has been tested earlier at the NOT, and actual performance in ALFOSC is expected to be very close to that described in the Asiago report. We also plan to make a detailed comparison of polarization observations with the WeDoWo compared to those using FAPOL. Current plans are to offer the prism as a standard option in the ALFOSC imaging mode.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09