Some new spectroscopic standard observations were made after the aluminisation and the documentation has been updated. The NOTCam calibration unit for spectroscopy is still only operated manually. We still plan to get this unit on-line so that it can be controlled in software. FITS headers should also be created to provide the proper information for spectroscopic calibration exposures.

As supported by the NOT user group for low resolution spectroscopy we have looked at the possibility to develop a low-resolution spectroscopy mode for NOTCAM. The general idea is to be able to extend the capability of the often-used ALFOSC low-resolution grisms (e.g. #4 and #7), to the NIR. In principle we are thinking of a grism that covers the Z- and J-bands in 2nd order, and the H- and K-bands in 1st order, and a second grism that covers the J- and H-bands in 1st order. We have contacted Michael Andersen to check the feasibility and provide a detailed design which we can use to obtain offers and decide if and what we want to order.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09