Reduction software

FIES reduction tool was further improved by Dr. Eric Stempels (University of Uppsala). Some minor fixes were made and additional updates were made of the routine for scattered light subtraction, especially beneficial for binned images. The latest version of FIEStool is made available at

An Echellogram mask was identified to improve the merging of the orders for low signal-to-noise spectra. This together with a task to filter cosmic rays (for low signal-to-noise spectra the cosmic rays or spikes are not filtered out optimally) are possible improvements for FIEStool but this depends on help from Dr. Stempels. We plan to add prefabricated master wavelength reference and master order definition files to the FIEStool distribution to help simplify the initial steps in data reduction.

When the new fiber bundle is installed and commissioned it should be investigated how best to reduce simultaneous sky spectra.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09