Data acquisition

The old SOFIN computer has been in use for some time to operate TurPol. Due to a problem with the SOFIN software on a new computer (see above) this computer was used again to run SOFIN. When trying to use the computer again to run the TurPol data acquisition program could connect to the TurPol CAMAC crate and moved filters and diaphragms, but no integrations were possible and no counts were received. After extensive trouble shooting it was found that no proper signal was received that initiate an integration at the interface between the CAMAC and the acquisition computer.

After trying several more computers the hardware and software was installed on a computer very similar to the original TurPol and everything started to work again. In fact, this computer was already tried before, but at the time no proper care was taken to be sure that the rest of the system (specifically the CAMAC) was configured properly. In the end we concluded that the problem likely was in the connection between the SOFIN computer and the CAMAC interface board which probably was affected by the re-installation of the connection to SOFIN. Beyond a minor problem caused by a separate program running on the this spare computer (which was quickly removed) the system has worked properly since.

To avoid any potential problem we are looking if we do in principle have another similarly old computer to act as a spare in case of an emergency.

Thomas Augusteijn 2010-02-09