Computer system

A physical and logical network design for the new office was made and the network implemented. The new office network keeps computers in separated sub-networks, where they can be better protected from external (and internal) threats. Moreover, laptops and other dynamically connected computers, which used to be fully exposed to the Internet and had to rely on their own firewall (which many people neglects) are now protected. However, there is an issue with the automatic back-up system which is affected by the new network design that limits the speed with which the data can be written to the backup server. A solution is being implemented.

A software voice-over-IP telephone central has been configured and tested, only awaiting the actual connection from the telephone company. Things have been delayed a bit due to a lack of manpower at the telephone company as a storm resulted in many failures in the phone network and they prioritised fixing the existing lines over installing new ones.

Thomas Augusteijn 2013-05-10