Comments recorded in End-Of-Night & End-Of-Run reports

As before, most comments written in the reports during period 45 were very positive, both about the observing system and the support from the staff.

Beyond some comments referring to faults that were also reported through the fault data base, there were various comments about the Sahara dust (``calima'') which was particularly bad this summer. In effect, there were only 2 specific comments. One comment was about the procedure to position a slit with ALFOSC across 2 objects to be complicated and time consuming. In general there does not seem to be any problem with the process itself, but it does require several images to first calculate the correct angle, and then center the targets in the slit. In this specific case the targets were very faint, making the process slow and more difficult. A second comment was by one of the remote observing courses noting that when using ``imexam'' (an IRAF task to examine an image) on an image display the cursor reacts very slowly. This is just a bandwidth issue and intrinsic to the large distance between the observer and the telescope. The only possible workaround is transferring the image first to the remote location and using ``imexam'' locally. In fact, we use this method in some cases where this is a more limiting issue for observing (e.g., acquiring a target on a slit or fiber).

Thomas Augusteijn 2013-05-10