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Arguments[-e] [-a mode] [-f filterIDs]
Short DescriptionAutomatic exposure of standard stars.
  • [-a mode] Acquisition mode [optimal, nearest, TCS target]. Default is nearest.
  • [-f filterIDs] Sequence of filterIDs given in quotes. Default is "7 74 75 76 12" (UBVRi)
Long DescriptionAutomatic exposure of standard stars. Goes to nearest standard field and does exposures in filters UBVRi as default - or filters specified by the user.
Currently supports UBVRi and in the future sdss ugriz. Other filters can be done, but will have the same exposure times, set by the variable default_time.
Instead of going to the nearest field, aquisition mode can be set to a specific target. The TCS name must be used, see

Usage example: alfosc.photstd -a A_PG1633+099 -f "74 75 120 110"

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AuthorTP, Luise
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