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Instructions from the PI

Dear NOT observer and staff.

This is a set of instructions for NOT monitoring programme P60-025 (PI: Håkon Dahle), scheduled for service observations. The purpose is to monitor a rare gravitationally lensed quasar with three images separated by up to 14''. The purpose of the observations is to make a gravitational lensing time delay measurement between the three images and determine the level of microlensing in the system.

The target information and the observing strategy are reported below.

Please let us know whether you carried out these observations.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Håkon Dahle


For the "monitoring" observations use the script indicated by the OB.

The coordinates of the target are:
RA (J2000) = 09:09:45.3
DEC(J2000) = +44:49:53.9

We ask for the following observations with ALFOSC, 20 min:


For calibration we request:

- A set of three twilight flats for the SDSS g' filter
- alfosc-calibs

Available scripts

Go to the directory
  cd ~/scripts/60-025

For these observations use the appropriate script for the date, complie the OB if needed.


Date Time (UT) Duration Comments
03-10 04:30-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch1
09-10 04:00-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch2
29-10 02:45-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch3, 0909_gband_22
01-11 03:30-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch4, 0909_gband_23
22-11 03:00-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch5, 0909_gband_24
01-12 02:30-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch6, 0909_gband_25
23-12 01:00-(SAT+15m) 00:20 epoch7, 0909_gband_26
03-01 03:00-06:30 00:20 epoch8 , 0909_gband_27
15-01 22:30-23:45 00:20 epoch9 , 0909_gband_28
23-01 23:00-05:15 00:20 epoch10, 0909_gband_29
29-01 23:00-04:50 00:20 epoch11, 0909_gband_30
04-02 04:25-05:30 00:20 epoch12, 0909_gband_31
13-02 21:30-23:45 00:20 epoch13, 0909_gband_32
18-02 21:20-03:30 00:20 epoch14, 0909_gband_33
25-02 20:45-03:00 00:20 epoch15, 0909_gband_34
01-03 01:20-03:40 00:20 epoch16, 0909_gband_35
12-03 (EAT-15m)-22:40 00:20 epoch17, 0909_gband_36
19-03 (EAT-15m)-01:30 00:20 epoch18, 0909_gband_37
28-03 23:15-01:00 00:20 epoch19, 0909_gband_38


No tracking data available