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P60-104: Understanding the complex high energy and neutrino emission in blazars through optical polarization

PI: Ioannis Liodakis

Blazars are the most extreme active galactic nuclei due to their jets oriented within a small angle from our line of sight. Although the Fermi gamma-ray Space Telescope has detected several thousand blazars, the gamma-ray jet emission mechanism is still poorly understood. While the most likely process on was believed to be inverse-Compton (IC) scattering of infrared--to--X-ray photons, the possible neutrino association to a flaring blazar has challenged our understanding of these processes. These multiband ToO observations in polarization will allow us to break the degeneracies between different emission models and probe the mechanisms responsible for the high energy emission in the brightest sources in the Universe.

ToO triggers

Observations will be requested with ALFOSC with FAPOL, UBVRI filters. Specifically, one observation in all UBVRI filters every two/three days for two weeks from the trigger date with and additional 3 observations 2-3 weeks after.
Calibrations: Twilight flats + alfosc-calibs

The OB generator will be used to request all ToO observations. Scripts to perform all the requested operations will be automatically created and placed in the directory ~/scripts/60-104/. An email will be sent automatically to the observer, which contains all the information about the requested observations, the names and locations of the scripts, instructions for observing and comments from the creator of the trigger.
To summarise:

Go to the directory
  cd ~/scripts/60-104
List the available scripts
  ls -lrt

and execute the OB generated scripts requested in the trigger email.

No tracking data available