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Most used NEW TCS commands.

The most frequently used NEW TCS commands are listed here for easy reference. The first column lists the command name in short form as it can be typed on the TCS keyboard, the second column describes the action of the command. Some special commands for use with TurPol or other instruments are also listed.
Command Function
sh nnShow status page nn from 1-30 (at least)
po-onTelescope power on
po-ofTelescope power off
o-u-hOpen upper hatch
c-u-hClose upper hatch
s-u-hStop upper hatch
o-l-hOpen lower hatch
c-l-hClose lower hatch
s-l-hStop lower hatch
o-m-cOpen mirror covers
c-m-cClose mirror covers
s-m-cStop mirror covers
ro-auSet rotator to automatic mode
ro-maSet rotator to manual mode
field-r ±nnn°Field angle (ALFOSC +90°; others 0°)
ro-po ±nnn°Set rotator position angle to ±nnn°
i-p-a ±nnn°Define the parallactic instrument angle to ±nnn°
r-t-360Turn rotator 360° (used when near a limit)
re-ca name.catLoad catalogue for use
en-ob dataEnter object mean coords into catalogue at actual catalogue position
ap-ob dataAppend object mean coords to end of catalogue
i-n-fInsert nearest FK5 star into catalogue
st-ca name.catSave catalogue
era-ca name.catErase catalogue in UI
p-t-sPreset to the selected (=highlighted) catalogue object
p-w-pPreset to the selected (=highlighted) catalogue object with paralactic angle
instr-name name fieldInstrument name (optional parameters)
au-po-fuAuto positioning full
au-po-seAuto positioning semi
0Skip moving stars to center of star box
1Move star 1 to center of star box
2Move star 2 to center of star box
3Move star 3 to center of star box
au-po-reAuto positioning retry
au-po-ofAuto positioning off
tv-onAutoguider TV camera on
tv-ofAutoguider TV camera off
tv-fi x TV filter - can be o(pen), c(losed), g(rey), r(ed), y(ellow), or b(lue)
tv-fo nnnTV focus position
ag-onAutoguider on (telescope moves)
ag-re-onAutoguider on with relaxation (box moves first)
ag-ofAutoguider off
g-g-sGet a guide star (optional parameters)
g-p-cCenter the guideprobe
g-p-paPark the guideprobe
g-p-po x yMove the guideprobe to position x y
x nnnMove the guide probe X to position pos
y nnnMove the guide probe Y to position pos
p-s-s x ySet the guide probe step size in x y (in arcsec!)
foc-del nnFilter focus offset
foc-pos nnnnnTelescope focus position
o-s alpha, deltaTelescope offset step size (in arcsec)
s-r alpha deltaSet telescope alpha delta tracking rate (in arcsec/hour) (for comets etc.)
bo-mo-sta alpha deltaStart autoguider box motion in alpha delta (in arcsec/hour) (for comets etc.)
bo-mo-stoStop autoguider box motion
tr-onStart tracking
az nn°Telescope moves to azimuth nn
alt nn°Telescope moves to altitude nn
c-p-pPark CCD Pickup mirror
c-p-cPick up mirror into position for StanCam
ccd-filStanCam filter
c-p-fPick up mirror into position for FIES (alias)
c-p-sPick up mirror into position for FIES
re-scUser interface refresh (when screen is messed up)

Special commands for use with TurPol and other instruments.

Command Name Function
pe-of-adAdopt permanent telescope offset
pe-of-reReset permanent telescope offset to zero

Other Important Features.

Button Function
ABORT Stops telescope where it is
HELP Open Help display to gather information about all TCS commands and current values
STATUS Open Status display
CAT Open Catalogue display and activate Catalogue keypad commands
Start/Stop Open the Start/Stop menu
Prev Scroll up one Catalogue page
Next Scroll down one Catalogue page

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