Nordic-Baltic Research Training Course

Young Stars across Time and Wavelengths

Refund and Feedback Forms

Travel claim

As stated earlier, we will be able to refund the travel costs for all students and teachers at the school. To get a refund, please fill out the travel claim form provided at the meeting and also available as a pdf file here. Remember to fill in your bank details AND SIGN it, then send it to the address provided below.

For travel costs, please attach all the original documentation showing the actual cost (air/train/bus tickets, taxi receipts, etc.). For the teachers, please add the agreed honorarium.

For non-Nordic participants: As stated earlier, NordForsk does not allow us to cover your travel costs, but all local costs at Tuorla are covered by the global grant for the course. Hence, you should not normally need to submit a travel claim.

Please send the completed form and all attachments to:

Should you not receive your reimbursement within a reasonable time, please check with Eva that she has received your claim.


We will also ask you to return a participant evaluation form to allow us to improve the organisation of future courses. We prefer that you return this to us on papers before you leave the course, but a pdf is also provided here.